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Orienteering instructional dvd

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Orienteering instructional dvd, price includes postage and packing
Part 1 is based in the school grounds, and here we learn what a map
is and how it relates to the ground. part 2 we move out into the forest where we are introduced to 5 colour maps. Vegetation and contours are mentioned briefly but the
emphasis is on line features and handrails. The use of a compass is
introduced and the course this time of yellow / orange standard where
we learn how to make route choice decisions and the importance of
keeping in contact with the map. Part 3 “Off the Beaten Track” goes into detail about compasses, taking bearings, route choice, cutting corners, aiming off, and using
different types of handrails. Part 4 “Going for Gold” investigates ways of improving performance. Race analysis methods, route and split times comparisons lead on
to goal setting. The importance of good technique is emphasised,
including orienteering flow, map reading on the move, planning
ahead and speed control.

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