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dvd – Tchaikovsky


The first movement opens with a murky moody morning before the fog lifts revealing an autumnal Ullswater, followed by a lively birds section. Then a tender “love theme” shows Derwentwater in all its beautiful autumn colours. Nightfall descends to a dramatic thunderstorm, followed by a particularly speedy car journey from Troutbeck to Keswick! Some lively sheep and lambs dance to the music, with a leaping mouse stealing hazel nuts (intended for the red squirrel), before the red squirrel gets its share. A snowstorm descends which leads to a beautiful sunny snowy day on the shores of Windermere, ending the movement. The second movement is based around Coniston Water, again amongst beautiful autumn colours. The third movement opens at the Waterhead swans, before another fast road journey – again to Keswick, with surprising interludes along the way at Rydal, Grasmere and Dunmail Raise. The final movement concentrates on three fantastic days on the mountains during Christmas 2006- when superb views across the sea of mists and freezing fog below are suitably matched to the wonderful feelings of the music. including dramatic time-lapse scenes of the turbulence of vapour. The ANDANTE from VIOLIN CONCERTO has a spring theme – with sundry young birds and animals interspersed with views including Esthwaite Water and tarns on Claife Heights.