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dvd – Tchaikovsky
dvd – Tchaikovsky

The first movement opens with a murky moody morning before the fog lifts revealing an autumnal Ullswater, followed by a lively birds section. Then a tender “love theme” shows Derwentwater in all its beautiful autumn colours. Nightfall descends to a dramatic thunderstorm, followed by a particularly speedy car journey from Troutbeck to Keswick! Some lively sheep and lambs dance to the music, with a leaping mouse stealing hazel nuts (intended for the red squirrel), before the red squirrel gets its share. A snowstorm descends which leads to a beautiful sunny snowy day on the shores of Windermere, ending the movement. The second movement is based around Coniston Water, again amongst beautiful autumn colours. The third movement opens at the Waterhead swans, before another fast road journey – again to Keswick, with surprising interludes along the way at Rydal, Grasmere and Dunmail Raise. The final movement concentrates on three fantastic days on the mountains during Christmas 2006- when superb views across the sea of mists and freezing fog below are suitably matched to the wonderful feelings of the music. including dramatic time-lapse scenes of the turbulence of vapour. The ANDANTE from VIOLIN CONCERTO has a spring theme – with sundry young birds and animals interspersed with views including Esthwaite Water and tarns on Claife Heights.

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dvd – The Seasons (poetry/music)
dvd – The Seasons (poetry/music)

Lakeland Seasons nature and the English Lakes set to the music of John Pearson, either without narration or with the poetry of James Thomson, nature poet (1700-1748)
This production by Mikes-Eye uses the music of Mikes brother, John Pearson, as the soundscape for the backing to the photography. Flowing through the seasons in a relaxing and stressless progression, the revolving year unfolds, revealing sweeping landscapes inter-mixed with close up details from nature and lakeland. The additional version includes the blank verse poetry of James Thomson (1700 – 1748) read by Mike and offers an extra dimension for the senses to digest. His excellent descriptive-reflective-didactic poem, extracts of which are used as the inspiration for the production, is ideally suitable for the wide ranging stunning scenery and weather conditions encountered. A summary of featured locations is enclosed within this case. Running time approximately 58 mins for each version.

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dvd – Mahler
dvd – Mahler

MAHLER Symphony No. 1 (53:14) This video follows the inspirational themes and expressions of Mahler’s 1st Symphony, beginning with fanfares piercing the early morning mists (views over Windermere), then happy serenity in “eternal spring” with images from various Lakeland areas. Free of narration, the symphony continues with a wonderful variety of moods and atmospheres, from heartfelt anguish to exquisite calmness, and dramatic intensity. Images on the video are carefully chosen to complement these emotions, and are chiefly of the Lake District but areas of north Lancashire and Morecambe Bay are included. Events featured include Grasmere sports; leaping lambs, Bassenthwaite scarecrow festival; superb mist covered Borrowdale from Maiden Moor; winter floods and storm damage around Keswick; the Arnside bore; the cross Morecambe Bay walk from Arnside to Kents Bank; leaping salmon; a fell race and the awesome spectacle of thousands of starlings flying in swarms over Leighton Moss bird reserve.
BLUMINE (7:15) (the original 2nd movement of the 1st Symphony) This theme is one of springtime and flowers, which are blended with a scattering of lakeland views. Symphony No. 3, final movement (25:31) Here we see more general areas of Lakeland, with many landscape views from southern lakeland hills such as Scout Scar, and also featuring an accidental heather fire near Newlands, a climb up to Skiddaw summit, and numerous dramatic sunsets.

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dvd – Borders & Northumberland
dvd – Borders & Northumberland

Contents of the “Borders & Northumberland” dvd are as follows:-
1 Alnwick Gardens to Handel’s Water Music (Suite No. 1, No.3 & 4) 6:57
A look at the amazing water features and cascades at Alnwick Water Gardens, the inspiration of the Duchess of
2 More of Alnwick Gardens to Handel’s Water Music (Suite No. 1, No.5). 3:43
More features at Alnwick Gardens including the tree house.
3. Jedburgh & Melrose Abbeys, Holy Island Priory to J.S. Bach (from St. Matthew Passion, No. 68) 6:31
Three popular historical sites to some uplifting music from the master!
4. Lindisfarne Castle and Garden to Handel, (Largo from Serse) 3:40
This charming castle, originally a Tudor fort stands on a remarkably scenic rock outcrop.
5. Holy Island Lime Kilns & sea shore to Handel’s Water Music (Suite No. 1, No.7) 2:13
The ruins of what was once a thriving industry.
6. The Coast, Dunstanburgh Castle, Beadnell & Seahouses Harbour to Handel’s Water Music (Suite No. 3, No. 16) 3:01
7. Going to the Farne Islands to Handel’s Water Music (Suite No. 3, No. 19 & 20) 3:37
On the boat trip to the Farne Islands with views of the cliffs and rich populations of bird life.
8. On the Farne Islands to Handel’s Water Music (Suite No.2, No. 12) 3:04
The bird life, including puffins, and views from these interesting islands.
9. Bamburgh Castle to Handel’s Water Music (Suite No. 2, No. 14) 2:06
Another fine castle standing on a basalt outcrop with wonderful sandy beaches on the doorstep.
10. Berwick to Handel’s Water Music (Suite No. 3, No. 22) 1:41
A quick look at the old ruins of Berwick Castle.
11. HADRIAN’S WALL & KIELDER WATER & FOREST PARK to Vaughan Williams- The Lark Ascending 15:14
This sequence starts at Walltown and then moves east visiting Cawfields and Steel Rigg, with a mid section showing
Kielder Water and the Forest Park. Then back to Hadrian’s Wall at Housesteads Roman Fort before ending at Long
Stone with views of Vindolanda.
12 The Breamish Valley & inland scenes to PACHELBEL: Canon 4:28
The last section goes inland to the Breamish Valley and around Ingram, with a visit to Linhope and Linhope Spout
before descending back down the valley on my bicycle!
The piece ends with a couple of images near Wooler.
Total running time approximately 56 minutes.

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